Hance Family Foundation Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Hance Family Foundation Autumn 2015 Newsletter


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Dear Friends,

Welcome to fall! Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful and relaxing summer.

Although our annual Family Fun Day was months ago, I want to acknowledge the dedication of our many volunteers, who put countless hours into the race and the event after the race. It really does take a village. Our new director, Denise Irving, did a brilliant job in her first year at the helm. The biggest change this year was that I was able to look around and appreciate the energy and love of that day. I no longer think of this as a sad day, or a day just about my girls. It is a day of community, family, and well-being.

Now fall is here and it’s time for us to gather again, for the Beautiful Me Fall Fundraiser. And this one’s for the grown-ups! Get a sitter and a cute outfit and come join us! It’s fun to see everyone dressed up and kicking up their heels and it’s wonderful to feel the love in the room.

These big events bring money that sustains our work for children and also remind us that there are many reasons to celebrate. This summer, Warren and I were humbled to be invited to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island to speak at a conference on Forgiveness and Gratitude hosted by Glenn and Mindy Stearns. The conference was created to offer Horatio Alger Scholars the opportunity to connect with mentors. The scholars were chosen based on essays they wrote on the hardships they had to overcome.

Warren and I spoke of how we have dealt with our unfathomable situation and how we have chosen to move forward with forgiveness and gratitude. Forgiveness and gratitude have allowed me to be the mom to Kasey that I was to Emma, Alyson, and Katie. Kasey deserves my whole heart and soul, and I could only offer her that once I was able to forgive.

When you truly forgive, your energy changes and your heart is lighter. I wish this for everyone.

See you on October 22!