Hance Family Foundation Spring 2014 Newsletter

Hance Family Foundation Spring 2014 Newsletter


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Happy Spring, everyone!

I hope you are getting ready for the warm weather — it was a long winter. I could feel the sun on my face today walking home from work. And then I heard the birds singing. What a great moment! I used to never pay attention to the little things and now I get great pleasure from them. It all has to do with my daily list of what I am grateful for. That moment walking home is high on my list. So is our annual Family Fun Day.

This is our fifth year gathering people for the Hance Family Foundation 5K Run/Walk & Family Fun Day, a fun-filled, family-centered day. What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday than running or walking through town and then enjoying food, music, raffles, and fun activities for the children! Please join us on May 17 for this amazing event and to remember Emma, Alyson, and Katie.

The days don’t get easier, I just try to find ways to get stronger, and preparing for this event helps. Seeing all the work that people do and the support that rolls in to make this day — and all our work — possible makes me grateful and happy for all the goodness in this crazy hard world. It helps me as I try to get stronger until I am lucky enough to see my girls again. Thank you for helping me keep moving forward with a smile on my face.