Hance Family Foundation Winter 2014/2015 Newsletter

Hance Family Foundation Winter 2014/2015 Newsletter


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Happy New Year!

I hope 2015 has started off on a positive note for everyone!

The foundation wrapped up 2014 with record-setting achievements: Our first annual Beautiful Me Gala was an enormous success; the Beautiful Me team and volunteers have worked tirelessly to reach girls and women from all walks of life (from Long Island all the way to Ft. Lauderdale!); and we had a record 85 toy drop locations all over Long Island for our annual Toy Drive. Your generosity allowed 2,000 smiling children and their grateful parents to believe in the miracle of Christmas.

We will be busy with Beautiful Me in 2015, including a return trip to Florida (this time, to St. Petersburg). We also continue to support the various fund-raising events leading up to the Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 21. Before you know it, our annual 5K and Family Fun Day will be here! Wow—so much going on! Thank you to everyone who makes it all possible. Sharing your time and talent is a generous gift for which Warren and I are ever grateful.

Have you made your New Year’s resolution? Good luck in achieving your goal! My resolution is to try to keep other people’s negativity from impacting my day. I will listen with an open ear and mind to anyone and everyone, but not let it determine the rest of my day. Just another reason I love our foundation—it’s a force for positivity and hope.

Many people are naturally optimistic and very happy. Still others, like myself, have to work hard on our happiness and positive spirit every day—and believe me, it is work. There are days when I want to throw myself a pity party and be angry at the world. On those days, I make sure to run or go to the gym, create a gratitude list, take time to laugh with Kasey, and do something for someone else. Doing something—anything—to get the focus off myself is a tremendous help.

I hope that you will find the same positive spirit, whether by supporting our foundation or doing other things you love.

Love and Prayers,