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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever wondered how you can help Beautiful Me’s future? We would love your help!

Your fundraising efforts will help us to continue our mission of honoring the lives of Emma, Alyson and Katie through our innovative self-esteem educational programming. Our volunteers and supporters are the backbone of our organization. We need all of you!

We invite you to use your creativity when “Fundraising the E.A.K. Way”! There are so many ways to involve your friends and family while fundraising. All fundraising efforts are appreciated! Here are a few examples:

Lemonade Stands, Bake Sales, Friendship Bracelet Sales, Collecting Recyclables, In-Lieu of Birthday Gifts, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gifts, In Memoriam Donations, Talent Shows, Sorority Fundraising, T-Shirt Sales, Casual Fridays (Participants pay $5 to wear jeans to school/work)

Please send us your pictures and videos! We are so excited to see how you honor the Emma, Alyson, and Katie:

Bellerose School recycling bottles & cans
Gotham Comedy Club fundraiser
Rockville Centre St.Patrick's Day Parade
Hance Family Foundation Toy Drive
Volunteers Packing School Supplies
Volunteers at the Knights of Columbus
Floral Park Centennial Gardens clean up

Miles of Smiles for E.A.K. – Every year, we host our own 5K Beautiful Me Race. You can participate in your home town by holding though your own walk-a-thon or race. Grab a few friends and plan an activity. For example, you can walk around a school track or create your own walk in your town. Once you have decided where you will walk or run, you can ask your neighbors, parents, teachers to sponsor you for each mile you complete. For example, school tracks are typically one quarter mile. Please feel free to use our form and flier, or create your own! Most of all, have fun!

Baking with Emma, Alyson, and Kate - How about a bake sale? No better way to show your creativity than to bake and decorate a batch of cookies or cupcakes! Emma, Alyson, and Kate enjoyed baking with their mom. We would be honored if you use one of the recipes we provided…..they were favorites of the Hance girls!

Positive Change - It is important to remember that change can start small. At Beautiful Me, we believe in changing behavior through action. How can you help us promote the concept of change? Grab a container and collect spare change from people you know. You can keep the change container at your school, your countertop, your church…..anywhere! (Please be sure to ask permission before placing your container.) Below we have created a label that will fit around a standard coffee can. However, we love creativity, so we encourage you to decorate your own container. Don’t forget to send us your pictures!