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Raising a Beautiful Child

An Emma, Alyson, & Katie Project

After attending Raising a Beautiful Child, adults will leave with new information that is vital to improving their child’s self-esteem.

In addition to Beautiful Me, the Hance Family Foundation proudly offers a seminar for parents, educators, grandparents, caregivers and those entrusted with the privilege of caring for a child entitled, Raising a Beautiful Child. This seminar was designed to provide adults with practical tools that can be used to nurture and educate children of all ages, while enhancing their self-esteem & coping skills. Raising a Beautiful Child can be presented at your facility by Kate Tuffy, MSEd., BCBA (co-creator of Beautiful Me). Our team will customize a Raising a Beautiful Child seminar, including timeline and cost, with your facility/school today. Please contact us at info@beautifulme.org or 516-688-0055 for details.

Teach your children how they come across to the world in a safe & non judgmental way.

Teach your children to own the pleasant and unpleasant parts of their personalities.

Teach your children about stress levels; let them see you struggle, even fail, and carry on.

Teach your children that their thoughts are an option. Avoid over-identifying with your child’s emotions; her emotions are her own.

Teach your children to tolerate a wide range of emotions; being “happy” isn’t the only goal for a healthy person.

Volunteering reduces isolation. Being responsible to and for others is a survival technique.