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Why Beautiful Me?

Only 4%

of women think they are beautiful.

(Dove, 2016)


Of girls feel like they are under pressure to please everyone.

(Girls Inc., The Supergirl Dilemma, 2006)

Women working full-time were paid

Only 79%

of what men were paid in 2014 - a 21% gap.

(American Association of University Women, 2014)


of girls agreed with the statement “Girls are expected to speak softly and not cause trouble.”

(Girls Inc., The Supergirl Dilemma, 2006)


Of girls feel pressure from external sources to look a certain way.

(Heart of Leadership, 2013)

Only 3%

of major authority positions in the mainstream media are held by women, whether it be in entertainment, publishing, advertising, or telecommunications.

(Heart of Leadership, 2013)

Over 70%

of girls ages 15-17 avoid normal activities like going to school when they are self-conscious about their bodies.

(Dove, 2016)

Out of the top S&P 500 companies,

Only 24

have female CEOs.

(CNN Money, 2015)