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Beautiful Me
The Emma, Alyson, & Katie Project

An Empowering Workshop for Females

Beautiful Me is an educational, self-esteem program designed to educate females by promoting appreciation for their genuine qualities, accurate self awareness, and the satisfaction gained by helping others.

In recent years, the need for stronger and more effective character education programs (encompassing the development of self-esteem, self-advocacy, self-confidence, leadership of females and the prevention of bullying) has received national attention. The Hance Family Foundation’s Beautiful Me program strives to accomplish the goals set forth by our state legislatures and educational departments, as well as other thoughtful leaders.

We offer a 90-minute Beautiful Me Teacher Training seminar for any interested educators and mental heath professionals. We administer our program in three 1-hour sessions by a qualified teacher and/or mental health professional. Beautiful Me is also available in a workshop format for 2.5-hours. Because of our amazing supporters, the Beautiful Me program poses no financial hardship to any female wishing to be a participant. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we are able to provide our program free of charge.

Our wish is to work together to expand our reach throughout the United States. Research states that a person with a healthy self-esteem is more resilient, is able to tackle new and greater challenges, and accepts responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions. These traits make women better friends, better daughters, better colleagues and better for themselves.

Thank you for your commitment to this issue. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jackie & Warren Hance

Beautiful Me participants gain the

Ability to Gain Satisfaction from Helping Others

Ability to Develop Coping Skills

Ability to Develop an Accurate Self-awareness of Others

Ability to Give & Receive Compliments

Independence in their Home & Community

Locations We've Visited

Beautiful Me is an internationally taught program in schools, hospitals, senior centers, community sites and towns to educate females of all ages. We’re reaching more and more locations everyday! Click the button below to see how far-reaching Beautiful Me is.

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Raising a Beautiful Child

In addition to Beautiful Me, the Hance Family Foundation proudly offers a seminar for parents, educators, grandparents, caregivers and those entrusted with the privilege of caring for a child entitled, Raising a Beautiful Child. This seminar was designed to provide adults with practical tools that can be used to nurture and educate children of all ages, while enhancing their self-esteem & coping skills. Raising a Beautiful Child can be presented at your facility by Kate Tuffy, MSEd., BCBA (co-creator of Beautiful Me). Our team will customize a Raising a Beautiful Child seminar, including timeline and cost, with your facility/school today. Please contact us at or 516-688-0055 for details.

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